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Christian Arrogance

I don’t have a lot of respect for religious people at any time because I think they have taken the easy way out. Either they are too lazy to check the facts and see that there is no basis for their religion, or they have been propagandised by their church and are too lazy to break free, or they want a simple and pleasant world view and are too lazy to seek the truth instead. All of that is bad enough, but something which makes it a lot worse is when they get arrogant as well.

An example was a headline which attracted my attention in our local paper. The headline was “Only Christian Faith Satisfies the Spiritual Thirst”. Wow, how arrogant is that? Assuming the “spiritual thirst” is a need many people have to believe in the supernatural it’s still doubtful since more believers follow other religions than those who follow Christianity. And if you extend the term to mean a wider meaning, such as the non-supernatural spiritual beliefs atheists have, it’s even worse!

Not surprisingly, the article was written by an elder in a local church – some clown by the name of Ivan Grindlay. I wonder how many other sources of inspiration he has seriously tried apart from Christianity? I would be prepared to guess the answer is zero, because most Christians aren’t only incredibly ignorant of the true origins of their own beliefs, they are also ignorant of all the others as well. I guess that’s why they go with that wonderful faith of theirs: it’s all that’s left when they have no facts.

So what does he actually say? He starts with some pitiful attempt at establishing the existence of a designer. It’s the old “we see design everywhere so there must be a designer” argument. The fact is that natural selection is a process which provides apparent design without a designer. Anyone with the slightest interest in the subject should know that, but there’s no mention of it here.

Then there’s some new age drivel along the lines of “humans have a latent awareness of the unseen”. Sure, they are aware of UFOs, the Loch Ness monster, hundreds of different gods, and fairies at the bottom of their gardens. This is a good thing how exactly?

Next there’s the old standard Christian sales pitch about Christ offering his life so that the rest of us can have eternal life in heaven, or something of that sort. I never did figure out what Christ has really done for us. Before Christ we had wars, disease, death, torture, evil, crime, and suffering, and after Christ we had wars, disease, death, torture, evil, crime, and suffering. Exactly how are we better off?

It seems to be that if you really want to point out some improvements in people’s lives you would be better to look at the before and after scenario for science. The same science the church rejected and fought against for so long. Christianity just seemed to bring more of the same: religious wars, the inquisition, witch burnings, the Crusades. Gee, thanks Jesus. That was so helpful!

Next our writer uses the oldest trick in the book. It’s the old “if in doubt sound confident” trick. He claims that the hope given by Christ’s death is certain and has been confirmed over time despite the misgivings of skeptics. It’s like the drivel about “sure and certain eternal life” in Christian funeral services. Sure *and* certain? I’m convinced!

Then there’s an example of the common confusion between confidence and faith. He suggests people demonstrate faith every day because when they switch on a light they expect it to work and it does. But that’s more confidence based on past experience than religious faith. True faith would be more like we switch on a light and nothing ever happens but we still think something will happen next time because the electric company says it will if we just believe in them enough! Oh, and the electric company has no power generation facilities, just a public relations department!

I really can’t go on. It just gets worse and worse. There’s junk about prayer not being answered because people have no relationship with god. Why devout believers’ prayers also aren’t answered is left to the reader to figure out.

So there’s just nothing there. Christianity is empty of all meaning. It gives no real hope but keeps the cowardly happy through false belief. What a travesty it really is. I could almost pretend it wasn’t so bad if its followers weren’t so damn arrogant!

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