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Latest Conspiracy

I tend to ridicule people who believe conspiracy theories. I’m not saying that there are never any real conspiracies because some times people do conspire against the majority. But when a significant number of people think there is a conspiracy and start looking at the details the conspiracy is usually revealed for what it is.

There is one event that I think is the result of a conspiracy though, that is the story of Jesus. Yes, the whole thing is an invention of a group of conspirators who went on to found the most powerful church on Earth. But that’s not what I want to talk about here.

I have just seen evidence for what I think could be another conspiracy, and its related to something almost as controversial as Christianity! Yes, I mean global warming.

I just heard a radio program which said there could be some positives from global warming because when the Arctic ice sheet melts there will be vast areas of Greenland and the Arctic Ocean which will become available for oil exploration and exploitation. Estimates indicate about a quarter of the world’s oil might still be there.

So who have the most to gain from the exploitation of this area? Well it won’t be the people who live there, that’s for sure. It will be the big companies who are currently indirectly responsible for most of the global warming gases now! The same companies who have been denying that global warming exists for years!

It sounds all too convenient, don’t you think? Multinational companies have always been prepared to sacrifice whatever is necessary to maximise their profits. The environment and the best interests of the local people are of no consequence to them.

So there’s the conspiracy: oil companies (and others) ensure as much global warming occurs as possible so they can melt the ice and get to more oil which is currently inaccessible. Then they produce oil from those sources and it is burned melting more ice. Who knows, maybe Antarctica is next!

Note: I’m not entirely serious about this theory, but I do think the Jesus story is very suspicious. My current belief is that it is fake but I am prepared to accept the possibility that its loosely based on a real person.

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