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Lame Blog Entries

After a while blogging becomes addictive. When I surf the web, listen to the news, and read the newspaper I am always looking for topics which might be worth commenting on. Then I set aside half an hour during my lunch break, or sometimes later in the day, to actually write the blog entry. So far I have written almost 1000 entries, the equivalent of over 600 pages, so its almost like writing a book (at least in terms of the amount written although not necessarily in the quality).

When I get really involved with other interests I sometimes run out of time for blogging and spend it doing other things. For example I have been working on a programming project recently. When I really get involved with programming I work extra hours because I enjoy the creative and analytical process which is unique to programming.

Programming is fun because its a creative process which also involves analytical skills and results (hopefully) in something useful that people will actually use. I always enjoy finding people using one of my older programs because they still find it useful. Actually that can be a nuisance because the older programs can be hard to support. The current project I am working on is a replacement for one of my older programs re-written using modern web-based database techniques.

When I am doing general consulting and problem solving work I usually have a long enough lunch break that I have time to write material for my blog. Its hard to get too enthusiastic about fixing the latest Microsoft Office problem or installing the latest version of Acrobat. In those situations blogging is more important. But when a programming project starts going well and I have all sorts of brilliant ideas I want to develop then other tasks often don’t get done.

So if you are wondering why a particular blog entry is so lame (like this one) then it should be obvious that I’m busy working on a programming project!

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