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Buy Windows: Its Cheap

Microsoft seem to have had very limited success with advertising Windows by pretending its fast, reliable, pleasant to use, secure, or anything else useful. Now they seem to be taking a more credible direction: by saying its cheap! Yes, its cheap in every sense of the word. Well actually, Windows itself isn’t very cheap (usually) but most Windows PCs seem to be.

When I said “every sense of the word” above this is what I meant. Here’s the dictionary (New Oxford American) definition of the word “cheap”…
low in price [yes, I guess that’s usually true, compared to a Mac]
charging low prices [OK, the same as above I guess]
(of prices or other charges) low [Yes, yes, the same again]
inexpensive because of inferior quality [ah, now we get to the truth]
(informal) miserly; stingy [agreed]
of little worth because achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort [agreed]
deserving of contempt: a cheap trick [now that’s the best one yet]

So Microsoft seem to be saying that Windows is low in price, inexpensive because its of inferior quality, miserly, stingy, of little worth because its achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort, and deserving of contempt, and a cheap trick. I won’t argue with that!

OK, I know that Microsoft didn’t actually use the word “cheap” but that’s what they are really saying and can anyone deny that Windows PCs are cheap? No, I don’t think so. The thing about cheap stuff is that when you look at the big picture such as TCO (total cost of ownership) the cheap stuff isn’t really cheap any more – at least not in the sense of inexpensive. In the sense of inferior, miserly, of little worth, and being worthy of contempt the idea of cheap lasts forever!

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