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Look Like an Idiot

After my discussion of people who live in an “alternative world” yesterday I wast treated to an amusing example of the phenomenon today. A friend who has a very different opinion on politics to me sent me an email which made him look like a real idiot. He has been frequenting a blog called “Whaleoil” which is a great way to lose touch with reality – not that he had a great handle on it to start with!

This blog produces all the usual neoconservative and extreme libertarian nonsense – including global warming denial – a real warning sign if there ever was one!

The latest fad there seems to be pillorying New Zealand’s previous prime minister, Helen Clark, who was recently appointed as administrator of the United Nations Development Programme. Instead of being happy that a New Zealander has been assigned to a very senior position at the United Nations, this blog continually snipes at a few minor problems that occurred during her time as prime minister and generally ridicules the UN itself.

OK sure, we all know the UN has its fair share of problems, inefficiencies, and bureaucracy, but if you look you could find problems with any large organisation, especially one with such a difficult mandate. By picking on the negatives and ignoring the good points its possible to produce a false negative impression of whatever you want. I could easily do the same thing for the private enterprises these people seem to hold in such high esteem!

So if you want to look like an idiot I recommend you start taking the views expressed in an extreme blog seriously without any critical thought. It has surely worked for my friend!

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