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A Raving Nutter

I have read a lot of ill-informed crazy comments in the public opinion area of our newspaper, but one today particularly appealed in its nonsensical ignorance. I don’t use the term “raving nutter” without good reason (well OK, so maybe I do some times) but it certainly applied in this case!

The piece seemed to be some sort of tirade against the evils of modern life and the rejection of good old fashioned values. Here’s a few of the highlights…

First the writer claimed the problems of the modern world were the result of “The end result of years of social meddling by politicians, educators, child psychologists and do-gooder intellectuals,…” OK I agree there are some “experts” who let the theoretical aspects of their area of expertise prevail over practicality and commonsense (this seems particularly common in education) but sweeping statements like this against experts in general are just not true.

He continues “…all with one object in view – the destruction of the nuclear family, the ‘liberation’ of the workforce, the destruction of Christian marriage and its replacement with any form of co-habitation.” I think its highly unlikely that any of these people really want to deliberately destroy the family, even if we do accept the doubtful proposition that it is the end result of their interventions anyway. And yes, there’s that word “Christian”. The alarm bells are ringing flat out now!

Next he moves on to some specific examples – really just the old standards: “They are meddling in our homes (anti-spanking law), meddling in our schools (removal of corporal punishment),…” Ah yes, the application of physical violence to children has always been supported by these people who seem to object so strongly to those same kids watching violence on TV! Still, logic and consistency have never been high on the list of Christian values.

And yes, here it comes – the ultimate in nutty raving! “…the teaching of the antisocial fable of evolutionism, whereby we are all the result of a cosmic accident,…” What raving nutter’s speech would be complete without an anti-evolution diatribe? There are only three reasons anyone would reject evolution: they are either ignorant, deluded, or crazy. Naturally a combination of all three of these characteristics isn’t impossible. In the case of this person I suspect that’s the case.

Finally this genius reveals that we should all be better off if we just believed in the same superstitious nonsense as he does: “the disgraceful material that nearly all innocent youngsters are exposed to in front of the TV set and the general destruction and removal of the Christian cultural heritage, which at one time gave the family, unity, identity and peace.” Really? Except that Christianity has been responsible for more deaths than any other belief system in history. It has also destroyed communities, broken up families, and generally inspired a lot of general hate and intolerance.

When you find a raving nutter like this it can be quite useful. Checking your beliefs against the nutter’s and finding that they completely disagree is always a sign that you are on the right track! I more or less disagreed with everything the raving nutter said so I guess I must still be in touch with reality!

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